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What is a business card cd?

A business card cd is a CD Rom that is shaped like a business card. It is produced from the same high quality material as a standard CD-ROM.

How does it work?

Originally computer CD-Rom and DVD-Rom drives were designed with the capability of reading 3-inch CDs. That is why your desktop computer has an inner ring on the CD tray. Our business card cds will fit snugly into the inner ring of your cd roms tray or if using a laptop will snap directly onto the spindle of your CD or DVD-Rom drive.

How do they play?

Except for the shape of business card CD, it is no different to any other regular CD-ROM.
Unlike a record that usually plays from the outside inwards a CD-ROM reads from the centre out.

This not only allows for the standard 'hockey rink' and regular business card CD shapes, but also, if designed symmetrically can be cut to virtually any shape.

Symmetry of the design is imperative to produce & maintain a constant revolving motion.
The amount of storage required dictates what cards will be suitable for your requirements.

How much information can be stored on a business card cd?

Business card cds can hold an immense amount of data.
The amount of data is dependent on the card you wish to use.

For this example we have used a 50MB ‘hockey rink card’
Below are some commonly used components associated with multimedia presentations:

PDF Documents: up to around 1500 pages.
HTML with standard graphics: 500 - 2000 pages.
Flash Animation: 4 - 6 hours.
Video (320 x 240 pixel, 30 frames a second, MPEG) : 5 minutes.
CD - Audio: 4 minutes, 45 seconds.
Power Point: 250 slides.
MP3 music in stereo CD quality: 48 minutes
MP3 music in stereo FM quality: 96 minutes,
MP3 music in a mono voice quality: 400 minutes.The amount of content will vary based on picture, video, or audio quality.

Will a business card cd work on Mac & PC computers?

Yes. We can make presentations that will work on both Mac & PC.

Minimum requirements necessary to view a business card cd production.

PC: Software: Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000 Hardware: (minimum requirements) 486SX or greater 8 MB of available RAM 8 - bit sound card ·

MAC: Software: OS 7.1 or higher Hardware: PowerPC or newer

What is the total development for a mini-site business card cd production & bespoke productions?

To produce mini-site packages usually takes 7 -14 days.
Lead times for bespoke presentations can wildly vary & are dependant on many factors: complexity, length, how well the project details were described, the different kinds of multimedia required and many more factors.
We will advise on lead times after you have supplied us with the requested project details.

What is the total manufacturing lead time?

Production times can vary from 10 -14 days, it depends on how busy we are at the time.

What types of packaging is available for business card cds?

Choose from metal embossed or printed tins, clear sleeves, clear jewel cases or highest quality full colour screen printed mailers.
If you would like bespoke packaging we can create you the perfect presentation folder to your exact specifications.
If you have an idea we will try & devise the best solution for you.

How much does a business card cd weigh?

Business card cds are very light & can be mailed for the price of a first class stamp.

Can I supply content to be inserted on a business card cd?

Yes, of course. We supply the most competitive prices in the UK for business card cd replication. If you have your own content or would like to incorporate any of our services, let us know & we will provide a solution for you. You do not have to use any of our services if you already have the content for replication.

If I re-order do I incur another setup or development fee?

No. We will deduct 20% off our replication prices for any re-orders of the same project. This works out less than £400 for another 1000 hockey rink cards. If you require higher volumes we can arrange special prices for loyal customers.

Can a business card cd be personalised or sequentially numbered?

Yes. We can do this in a variety of ways. The cheapest option is to number the sleeve. We can however number the cards, add photographs or anything else you may require. This however means they have to be printed up to 2 or 3 times & can cost a lot more.

What can I put on a business card cd?

Virtually any kind of media can be used on a business card cd. You can include forms, catalogues, galleries, presentations, videos, infomercials anything you need to boost your companies standing.

Why use a business card cd over a traditional business card?

A business card cd entices prospects, explains products & services & closes sales.
They are the most powerful marketing tool ever developed. Twin this with a dynamic presentation & you have the ultimate weapon of mass response rate.

Can we have a uniquely custom shaped business card cd?

Yes we do. We can style to any shape. Send us your desired shape as an illustrator vector image and we will advise on the viability of the design. The shape may have to be altered slightly as the design needs to be symmetrically balanced. If you want a cd in the shape of a product or company logo send us the designs & we will create a shape to fit the design.

What are business card cds most commonly used for?

Sales presentations
- highlight your companys key objectives in the most dynamic style.

Virtual tours
- a 3D ‘walk-through’ environment to demonstrate your products, services or premises

Product demos
- demonstrate hard to explain products with ease & style.

Tradeshow loops
- get noticed at trade shows with eye-catching presentations.

Event tickets
- prestigious invites for events you will be remembered for.

Ad campaigns
- for engaging adverts, celebrity endorsements or dynamic infomercials.

Website launches
- drive targeted pre-sold traffic to your website with links from your presentation.

Software demos
- perfect for demonstrations to hype forthcoming releases.

Electronic catalogues
- replace bulky catalogues with an updateable 21st century solution.

Travel tours
- a picture says a 1000 words how many would a video say?

Digital portfolios
- fit your portfolio into your prospects wallet.

Website Links
- we track your links, you get the stats.

Product/logo branding
- promote your company with a cd in the shape of your product or logo.

Virtual Art Galleries
- gallery on a card, we can even tell you how many people viewed each picture.

Direct mail campaigns
- the ultimate way to track your campaigns effectiveness with a click of a mouse.

Informative explanations of services or products
- difficult to describe services clarified with narration & graphics

Retail CDs
- informative how to …guides for retail or as promotional enticers.

Training videos
- take the stress out of training & explaining.

Interactive forms to catch client’s details
- include a form to generate a database of interested prospects, find out what you really want to know.

- gather data from current clients to evaluate future objectives.