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Business Card CDs - revolutionary cd rom tracking service

What do I get?

You will have html code inserted on your website to enable the tracking of their movements.

  • You will have access to all graphs & tables displaying your statistics 24/7
  • You will have a personal login to access your stats 24/7
  • You will know how many prospects inserted your Business Card CD
  • You will know how effective your business card cd campaign is!
  • You will have the upper hand over your competitors

Will Sales Tracking affect my site's functionality?

No. Our sales tracking is invisible to your shoppers and has no effect on your website's performance or aesthetics.

How easy is it to make my site work with Sales Tracking?

Very. We will insert a small piece of code on your website's pages that will be invisible to your visitors.

Does Sales Tracking track all my traffic, or do I have to set up links to things I want to track?

Our Sales Tracking is revolutionary. We track your business card cd from the initial insertion. You will be able to access your business card cd campaign statistics 24/7. We also track the links from your business card cd to your website. We can then track where the clients visit on your site, enquiries made, sales & conversion rates.
Note: If you want a complete business tracking service our partners SaleTrack have the solution for you.

Is my data confidential & secure?

Yes. We protect your data with the highest security. We use encryption when communicating sensitive data and only ever store sensitive data using storage encryption techniques. The data on your website's statistics can only be accessed by you or by authorised support personnel at SaleTrack. Credit card information is not visible to our staff apart from key banking personnel. Your confidentiality is one of our priorities, please read our Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

Does Business Card CD Sales Tracking collect my customer's personal details?

No. Our Sales Tracking does not store or collect any personal information about your customers. It will however track all their movements. This will arm you with vital information about what your prospects are most interested in & the actions they take.

How accurate is business card cd Sales Tracking?

Very. SaleTrack should capture a minimum of 99% of your sales with referrer information, detailing when they were made, where the shopper came from, how much they spent and how many items they bought. Even if a shopper has increased security settings on their browser or cookies disabled, SaleTrack had the power to track them.

What if I use a third party payment or checkout page on another server?

This is not a problem. SaleTrack has been developed to work regardless of where your checkout pages are located. We work with all the major forms of online payment systems. We have not yet found an instance where we cannot implement SaleTrack.

How much does it cost?

A better question would be: how much do we loose from not tracking these vital statistics? Business Card CD Sales tracking is crucial for any savvy business who knows the importance of tracking each & every advertising campaign.