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What is flash?

Macromedia Flash has quickly become the premier Web software for animated graphic presentations. Flash is used to develop interactive animated graphics for Web sites as well as for desktop presentations.

How does flash work?

Flash movies on the Web are viewable by what's called a plug-in. This plug-in, also known as a Flash Player is downloaded without charge from the Macromedia Flash Website, making Flash available to all. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator utilise a specific plug-in made for that particular browser, allowing Flash animations to look the same on any platform. When using flash technology on business card cd productions the flash player can be inserted into the presentation so will not need to be downloaded.

What is a flash intro?

A flash intro is an animated form of text/graphics that uses motion & sound to introduce your main content. It can be used to convey your company’s key benefits & features & will capture your clients’ full attention.

What is a flash presentation?

A flash presentation is one of the most effective ways to promote your companies key benefits. Flash presentations can be used in a variety of ways. Flash presentations will describe hard to explain services with ease & style. Studies have found the more senses people use when absorbing information the more they comprehend & remember. Using rich media will greatly enhance communication of your products or services & set you apart from the competition.

How do I explain what I want in my flash presentation?

Work out what your main objective of the presentation is. Is it to inform, excite, entice, pre-sell or explain?

  • Work out what your presentation needs to say.
  • Write down the text you want to include.
  • Work out in what order you want your text to appear.
  • Try to estimate the number of screens you will need to use.
  • Will you describe one benefit per screen or multiple benefits?
  • Do not overcrowd pages especially when trying to communicate key points
  • Will you use images of your services or products?
  • When will the images be used in the presentation?

When you have worked out the presentations main objectives, images & content you want included & where they will be placed in the presentation contact us for a no obligation quote.

What is a presentation screen?

A presentation screen is like a digital page. Think of you presentation as a small dynamic brochure & each page would be a different screen.

How do I work out how many screens I need?

A typical screen holds 55-85 words, sometimes less dependant on the size of the screen. This also depends on images you want included with the content. Count how many words are in your script & divide by 50. i.e. 250 words would need about 5 screens. 2000 words would require roughly 40. If you want images on your presentation it is better to use less words per page as it will look overcrowded. If your presentation is more image orientated then try & estimate how many benifit or feature pages you need.

How do I send images & content for my flash presentation?

After you have agreed the presentation quote we will send you a form to upload all your content & images. Make sure these are both stored on your computer as you will need to browse for them to upload to us. It will be exactly the same as sending an email attachment. Find the document on your hard drive & send.

What format do I need to send images in for my flash presentation?

Please make sure when uploading images they are saved at a 72dpi resolution. If you are unsure how to do this please check your preferred software help files, it will be a simple task.

Images can be saved as gifs or as a low resolution JPEG’s.

Most monitors display images at 72 dpi. Higher resolution will be lost on the computer screen, though not in print. As the intended use of the images is for a presentation, you should reduce their resolution to 72 dpi per inch.

This is important as 72dpi will use far less space on your business card cd production & will save room for other media.