Frequently Asked Questions - ipix 360 degree uk virtual tours

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What are ipix 360 degree images and how are they created?

IPIX 360 degree images give viewers a real sense of their surroundings. Viewers can completely immerse themselves with state of the art 360 degree virtual images. The images are formed by capturing two opposing photographs, called "hemispheres," with a specialised fisheye lens. IPIX images can then be joined together seamlessly for full 360 degree vision.

How do I navigate IPIX 360 degree images?

To navigate IPIX 360 degree images you can either use the arrow keys situated on the bottom of the framed image or hold the left mouse button down and navigate up, down, left & right.

What Web browser should I use to view 360 degree images?

Although it is recommend that to use the latest version of your web browser, IPIX 360 degree virtual tours can be viewed on all Internet browsers.

Why you should use IPIX 360 degree Virtual Tours.

  • Why Use IPIX 360 Degree Virtual Tours over similar technologies?
    Completely immersive 360 degree images. Other technologies only use a limited panoramic view with poor quality panoramic vision.
  • Quick to download (10 seconds using broadband 30 seconds on 56k)
  • A choice of display styles:
    - Low or high resolution options
    - No need for a special plug-in
  • Highest 360 degree resolution available
  • Use with Email images and can be viewed with the IPIX viewer.

Perfect 360 degree virtual tours for:

1. Hotels
2. State houses
3. Premises
4. Amenities
5. Schools & Universities
6. Factories
7. Golf Courses
8. And anything else you want to promote!

360 degree IPIX Virtual Tours increase Hotel Revenue.

Hotels have stated that 360 degree virtual tours have increased revenue by 135%.

Why use IPIX 360 degree Virtual Tours for the UK property market?

Using IPIX virtual tours for the UK housing market increase exposure and sales. Advertise your property with the best 360 degree virtual tours on the market

Use CD Presentations for students to view university premises & amenities.

Using virtual tours on a cd for prospective students will provide them with a real sense of your amenities.