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How long will it take?

This depends on the size of your script. A voice over will usually be completed within 48hrs.

How much will it cost?

Fill in our voice over form found on the forms page & we will send you a quote of your preferred talent/s. Our talents costs vary so fill in a form & we will send you prices. If you have a budget for your voice over please let us know because some of our friendly voice over talents can be quite flexible.

Where are your talents based?

We use freelance voice over talents who are mainly based in the UK or US.

How shall we send our script to you?

Use our voice over form.

How will you return it to us?

We can supply many forms of audio for your production. Please state in our voice over form the format you require. We can send the voices in a variety of ways, please fill our voice over form to tell us how you would like to receive the audio.

What if I want to hear samples of the talents?

You can hear MP3 samples situated next to each talent on the voice over page.

How will I know if they will complement my script?

If you would like part of your script read by a few of your selected talents just fill in the voice over form & request samples of part of your script. The script maybe changed slightly to avoid the exploitation of the samples.

Do you have any other talents as we cannot find the voice we require?

We have a database of 1000’s of talents. If you cannot find the perfect match for your company please let us know what type of you require & we will find one to suit.

Do you have any other accents of voices or are they all from the UK or US?

Let us know what accent you require on our voice over form & we will find you a talent that perfectly fits your criteria.