Shaped cd rom and dvds

Is your cd and dvd marketing in great shape ?

Shaped cd roms and shaped dvds are the perfect tool to create excitement for your next marketing venture. Promoting your company with a custom cut cd rom or dvds, shaped like your product or logo will add brand awareness and help promote your company identity

Ideal for, product launches, software demos, direct mail campaigns or trade show giveaways, shaped cd and dvd media will get your company noticed.

You are not limited to pre-made regular cd designs, you will have a completely custom designed disc built exclusively for your requirements. If you need to accommodate a precise amount of data we will uniquely cut media to your exact specifications.

Innovative media cds or dvds will instigate great interest in your company and get passed along to colleagues & friends.

How we intracately shape your custom designed cd roms and dvds

There are several ways to cut an irregular cd:

Mould: When using a mould to create an irregular CD / DVD it has to be of a fixed design. This limits size and storage capabilities according to the prefixed design.

Laser: When using a laser to cut the CD it will appear to have a red edge because of the radiation caused during the cutting process.

Cut: We use the cutting method as this is the best way to die cut any CD or DVD.

At Business Card CD we use tailor-made machines to cut the CD or DVD; this provides complete flexibility for intricate shaping and enables us to create cds to accommodate your exact storage requirements. We can also cut holes in the inner area of your CD to give you a completely unique custom shaped cd.

The specialised equipment used enables holes to be cut in the inner area of the custom shape dvd allowing for a wealth of creative design possibilities. Using a unique design will also enable the dvd replication shape to be tailored to suit your storage requirements.

Bind the power of creative design and innovative media and make your next
CD or DVD campaign a talking point

We offer the cheapest manufacturing of custom designed cd roms and dvds in the UK. We can also manufacture shaped cdr to any and size you require.

If you're looking to reshape your marketing we will provide the ultimate impact for your next CD project.

Business Card CD - reshaping the future of media

For bulk shaped cd prices - phone 0845 303 3301

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