The revolutionary event ticket CD and DVD

An innovative ticket for events you will be remembered for!

Ticket cd and dvds are still virtually unheard of in the UK, although sales are soon to explode as shrewd organisers slowly realise their true potential.

Regular tickets only have limited space for advertising and information. A CD-ROM or dvd ticket can accommodate an immense amount of both.

Although the initial cost to produce is greater they have the ability to generate a substantial amount of revenue through the inclusion of paid advertising.

We can cut your ticket cd into any shape you desire. Although we have to ensure the centre of mass is correct for your shaped cd to revolve correctly. We can tweak your design until we create an almost identical shape that produces a constant revolving motion. This safeguards your media content will be read correctly and eliminates the possibility of 'disk wobble'.

Cleverly brand your company whilst exploiting the untapped advertising potential of the digital ticket.

How do we custom shape your unique ticket cd or dvd?

There are several ways to cut an irregular disc:

Mould: When using a mould to create an irregular CD or DVD it has to be of a fixed design. This limits size and storage capabilities according to the prefixed design.

Laser: When using a laser to cut the CD or DVD it will appear to have a red edge due to the radiation caused during the cutting process.

Cut: We use the cutting method as this is the best way to die cut any CD or DVD.

Our specialised custom-made machinery will intricately cut your ticket. This unrivalled service provides your company with the opportunity to brand event tickets that you will be remembered for!

For current ticket cd rom and dvd prices phone - 0845 303 3301

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